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  • Strictly 18+ No ID No Tattoo.
    Under the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 it is a criminal offence to tattoo a child under the age of 18. Any tattoo artist registered or unregistered found tattooing a child under the age of 18 could face criminal charges and parents who give their consent could also face criminal prosecution.


  • The studio also reserves the right to refuse service anyone, especially those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, anyone who is pregnant, has poor personal hygiene or is rude.

  • Please ensure you are committed to attending your appointment, as All Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and Non transferable. The deposit is taken off the total cost of the tattoo on the day of your session.
    The artist has the right to reschedule your appointment in the event of health problems or exceptional personal circumstances.
    We also allow you to reschedule your appointment once without paying a second deposit, but require 48 hrs notice.
    You will receive a reminder text/email 48 hours before your appointment, but it is not our responsibility to remind you.

    If 48 hours notice is not given and/or you do not turn up for your appointment, your deposit will be lost and cannot be reused.
    Future bookings will then need to be made in person and paid in full on the day of booking. 
    If you use a voucher as your deposit and fail to attend your appointment, you will lose the full amount of the voucher.


  • Vouchers have 6 month expiry, they are issued by a third-party via our payment system, as such expired vouchers cannot be redeemed at our discretion.

  • The price of the tattoo is determined by the detail, size, placement on the skin and skill required to perform it.
    Your booking confirmation will show a set amount of time, this is only an indication.
    If the artist finishes the tattoo early, the previously agreed price will be charged.
    Should the tattoo require more time to complete than originally thought, the client may be required to return at additional cost.
    If the session is finished early at the clients request, then the the full price of the session/tattoo booked will be payable.


  • Artists will not send designs out the studio before the appointment, they will be available on the day of the tattoo.
    Any small changes the customer wishes to make to the design can be made before the tattoo begins.

    If the customer completely changes their mind or design then the time taken to design the new tattoo will be taken from the session booked. If this means the artist no longer has time to complete the tattoo then the client will be required to rebook another appointment.


  • Our artists will always advise you on the best placement and design for your tattoo but may refuse requests if it will lead to a tattoo not looking good or healing well.

  • No Hot Food or Alcohol is allowed in the studio.

  • Please do not bring friends or family along with you, as they will be asked to wait outside the premises.

  • Mobile phones should be silent before entering the studio. Phone conversations kept to a minimum. 
    We have other artists working and other customers trying to enjoy their sessions.
    If there is an emergency, just let your tattoo artist know that you need a phone break.

    If you’d like to listen to music/watch videos on your phone during your appointment, please just remember to bring headphones.


  • You and your artist may require breaks during the tattoo to stretch, eat/drink use toilet, smoke etc.

  • By paying a deposit for your session with our studio, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
    Any breach of these terms will result in the loss of your deposit.


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