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Have a Tattoo that you regret? Maybe you have a tattoo which was spur of the moment, has been poorly done, spelling mistake or includes the name of a past love.

You don't have to cover your old tattoo with a mass of black ink, hide it under clothing or live with it for the rest of your life.


Unwanted tattoos can be completely removed or lightened in preparation for a cover up tattoo. Partial removal/lightening allows for greater design possibilities, less constrained by the original tattoo.


Valhalla can help using our medical grade laser which has been specifically designed for tattoo removal. Our Laser has a large spot size, which enables a larger area to be covered per sitting. This is particularly beneficial for the removal/lightening of larger pieces or multiple tattoos as it reduces overall treatment length and total cost. 


It is important to note that many cheap lasers being marketed for tattoo removal are of far lesser quality. Made in China and purchased off ebay. 

Consequently, this can result in a higher risk of burns, scarring, poorer removal results, or at best no results.


Booking a Consultation/Appointment - Tattoo Removal Experts


Our Laser Technician will fully advise on the removal/lightening process, give an estimate of how many treatments may be required and the cost per treatment.

A test patch can also be done to check skin suitability for clients with skin conditions or sensitivities.

To organise a consultation, please contact us.


  • How Does The Laser Work?
    Our Laser produces a specific spectrum of light which forms a pulse of energy. When focused on the tattoo this energy produces a photo-mechanical reaction which fragments the tattoo ink into smaller particles. These particles are then absorbed naturally by the body’s immune system, gradually reducing the appearance of the tattoo.
  • Will The Laser Burn Me?
    No. This is a common misconception. It does not burn the tattoo out the skin. The Laser generates a photo-mechanical reaction to remove the tattoo, not a photo-thermal reaction. It is like a shock wave that shatters the ink into smaller particles.
  • Can The Laser Scar Me?
    The laser only targets the ink particles of the tattoo, leaving the surrounding tissues undisturbed. Therefore, the risk of scarring is very low.
  • Will It Hurt?
    It is not any worse than getting tattooed. The Laser operates at high speed which reduces overall time per treatment. Recently developed procedures are applied with each treatment reducing discomfort up to 50% and significantly less post-treatment swelling, less skin-surface damage, which means less potential for infection and faster healing times. The treatment area will feel hot after treatment, similar to getting tattooed.
  • My Tattoo Has A Lot Of Different Colours, Can You Still Remove It?"
    My tattoo has a lot of different colours, can you still remove it? Certain colours respond very well to treatment e.g. black, dark blue and red. Green and pastel colours tend not to respond as quickly and may require further treatments.
  • How Many Sessions To Completely Remove It?
    There are many factors which affect the amount of treatments required to completely remove a tattoo e.g. ink type, colours used, tattoo depth/age, skin colour and texture. Generally complete removal requires approximately 8 – 14 treatments. This will be fully discussed during your consultation.
  • How Many Sessions If I Want A Cover Up Tattoo?
    The same factors as above also affect the amount of treatments required to lighten a tattoo in preparation for a cover up. Generally, lightening requires approximately 3 – 8 treatments. This will be fully discussed during your consultation. If your cover up is being done at Valhalla, the tattoo artist working with you will continually check on the progress of your removal. Ensuring you have the necessary laser treatment required.
  • How Much Will My Treatment Cost?
    Prices vary per treatment depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo being removed. These factors will be discussed in full during your consultation and price per treatment will also be agreed upon. Prices start at £20 per session.
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