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Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos can create incredible results, allowing you to look and feel amazing everyday while saving you time and money. There are instances however where you may end up regretting this cosmetic procedure due to it being applied unprofessionally or fading unevenly.


Fortunately, there is a saving grace in the form of laser removal, which is by far the most effective method of eyebrow tattoo removal. This process allows you to either remove the brow pigment altogether or gradually fade the colour ready for re-application. Sometimes, multiple sessions are required based on the original pigment and depth of the application.


At Valhalla Tattoo Studio in Kilmarnock, our highly experienced and professional laser technician offers a wide range of services, from lasering unwanted tattoos to laser hair removal near Glasgow. Deciding to remove your semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo can be daunting, at Valhalla we can assure you that this process will leave you feeling confident in your decision. Our semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo removal service is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted or unflattering eyebrow pigmentation, restoring them close to how they originally looked before tattooing.


There are a multitude of reasons that may lead you to considering our semi-permanent makeup removal in Kilmarnock:


  • Incorrect colour or the shade no longer matches you

  • Uneven pigmentation fading

  • Imprecise shading or positioning

  • Poor quality tattooing

  • You may view the style or shape as outdated

  • If you would like it lightened before re-application


All of these valid reasons can be resolved quickly, leaving you with natural looking eyebrows. We understand that any treatment on the face requires a delicate approach, which is why our laser technician has undergone thorough training to gain the appropriate qualifications to successfully remove eyebrow tattoos safely


After an initial consultation assessing the requirements for your eyebrow tattoo laser removal and an estimate of how many sessions may be needed, we can move forward with the procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo laser removal in Ayrshire. At Valhalla, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable environment for all of our clients. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that our laser removal is administered correctly. Due to the location, extra caution is taken to protect your eyes.


The laser session will be thorough and efficient, with some pain to be expected as the face is considerably more sensitive than the rest of the body. Laser tattoo removal involves targeting the area with a handheld laser, resulting in the wavelengths created by the laser breaking down the pigment in your skin. It’s important to establish that tattoo removal is a process that relies on the body’s ability to eliminate ink from the skin, meaning clients will respond differently to the treatment, with some requiring multiple sessions.



After treatment you may experience redness and tenderness that will subside. Using state of the art lasers, we can reassure you that hair or skin pigment loss is rare, and any queries or concerns you may have can be discussed in our consultation. At Valhalla tattoo studio near Glasgow, we are proud to offer high end laser treatments to help people feel confident in their own skin, reversing the impact of tattooing. Valhalla Studios semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo laser removal service is performed by our highly qualified laser technician, fully qualified to effectively remove your unwanted tattoo.


If you are unhappy with your eyebrow tattoos and in need of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo removal in Ayrshire, book an appointment with our professionals for advice. We can promptly book you in for laser removal and restore your natural brows in no time.

Phone: 01563 539617 | Email:

The Scottish Beauty Industry Awarded us

best Laser Clinic Scotland in 2023, 2022 and 2021, 

A finalist since 2019,

We are literally one of the Top Laser Clinics in the country.

We also offer Diode Hair Removal which is the most comfortable procedure for hair removal. 

Considered the gold-standard of hair-removal lasers it can be used to treat all skin types effectively and with the fewest number of treatments.
The laser is pulsed for only a fraction of a second long enough to destroy only the follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissue.


Our laser technician is trained and certified by 
Laser Protection Adviser and General Secretary of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals Mike Murphy,

who has spent more than 30 years in the laser industry.
Involved in the original scar-free tattoo removal clinical trials in Glasgow.

We work closely with Mike, seeking new treatment applications and improvements to existing protocols.


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