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1: Skin should be treated gently for 4-5 days after treatment, avoid excessive rubbing, ensure you apply your antiseptic cream 3 times per day, this will allow your skin to recover & prevent infection.

After around a week, your skin will become itchy (this is completely normal) apply your hydra-gel to soothe. The tattoo pigment will begin to fade about two to three weeks after the treatment.


2: Sun Screen should be used on exposed areas after treatment (even if it is not a sunny day). Also avoid sunbeds and self-tanning lotions for the treatment period.


3: Make-up can be used immediately after treatment as long as the skin is not broken


4: Avoid any heat treatments; ie. sauna, steam etc. also avoid exercise (as this heats up the body) for 48 hours after the treatments


5: Some people may experience the following;


Redness/Swelling Apply cold compress (damp cold cotton disc)

Excess Heat Apply cold compress & antiseptic cream

Blistering Apply antiseptic cream

Itching Apply hydra-gel


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