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Have a look through our portfolios and designs below

to help you choose the best artist for your tattoo,

You can book online or you are welcome to drop in to the studio and do it the traditional way.

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Iain Strannigan
Tattoo Artist

Steven McGinn
Resident Artist



Heather McAllister
Jnr Artist


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Our friendly team have years of experience in providing high-quality tattoos at competitive prices. Based in Kilmarnock, our award-winning tattoo services have earnt us a great reputation for delivering exceptional artwork for a wide range of styles. Our team will always work closely alongside you to ensure that we create a design that is perfect for your tastes. We can be as involved in the design process as you would like, our team of experts promise to provide you with a design that you will love. We have a range of impressive designs to choose from and tailor our services to your needs so that you receive the very best artwork. For those who already have a specific design in mind, we help your dream piece become a reality.


Valhalla Tattoo Studio was established in 2013 and has since been providing exceptional tattoos in Kilmarnock for a wide range of designs and styles. We have multiple resident artists who each offer a unique style. At Valhalla Studio we promise that there is something for everybody. Whether it is your first tattoo or you have had many before, we treat each client with the same care and attention, ensuring that we are providing a tattoo that they love. 


The team at Valhalla Studio is committed to providing high-quality designs that will stand the test of time. Our experienced team crafts impressive tattoos that not only look great straight out of the shop but also have great longevity. We place great value on your tattoos looking good long into the future, with high-quality artistry we know you will value our work for years to come. 

We put great value on the aftercare once you have received a tattoo from one of our artists. We give help and advice so that you can properly manage the healing process of your tattoo. We also provide recommendations for how to look after your tattoos in the sun. 


To find out more about our tattoo services available in Kilmarnock, get in touch with our friendly team today. We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding our tattoos. Get in touch with us today to receive your FREE no-obligation quote.

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