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Welcome to Valhalla Studio in Kilmarnock. Our private studio has provided tattoos, body piercings, and laser removal treatments since 2013. We are honoured to introduce our latest service – Micro blading. Micro blading, often called micro-needling, has become a go-to solution for millions seeking to redefine their eyebrows and achieve a natural look.


Micro blading is a meticulous process that utilises a tiny micro blade to penetrate the skin and upper dermis superficially. This micro blade creates small openings that are carefully flooded with pigment. As the brow heals over the following days, the result is a set of immaculate crisp hair strokes virtually

indistinguishable from natural brow hair. This technique adds thickness and fullness and creates a natural-looking shape that complements your unique features.


During the consultation, our skilled artist will discuss your desired brow shape, colour, and overall goal so that they can achieve your desired look. First, we’ll apply numbing cream to the eyebrow area to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Then, a specialised blade dipped in pigment will create individual hairlines in the skin to achieve natural hairlike strokes. 

To achieve perfect, natural-looking eyebrows, the process is repeated 2-4 times over the entire brow, filling in any exposed gaps each time. We highly recommend clients schedule a second appointment 4-8 weeks later to address any gaps that may appear during the healing process.



Microneedling aftercare is crucial for long-lasting results after your microneedling treatment. Our staff will provide detailed instructions, including tips on reducing sun exposure and avoiding certain skin products. In addition to eyebrow enhancement, we offer microneedling under the eyes to address issues such as sparse lashes or uneven pigment.


Kilmarnock's Valhalla Studio is the perfect choice for all your enhancement needs if you're considering a bold brow transformation accompanied by expert microneedling aftercare or targeting specific areas like microneedling under the eyes. Your search for "microneedling near me" ends here! 

Visit Valhalla Studios today for redefined brows in Kilmarnock.

Phone: 01563 539617 | Email: 

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