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Welcome to Valhallas Studio Blog...

If you are thinking of getting your first Tattoo or even if you are already a veteran in body modification, it doesnt matter we are sure you'll find our blog of interest.

We will introduce you to our team who will share information, opinions and advice on all the services we offer, Tattoos, Body Piercing and Laser Removal.

But it's not just shameless self promotion, we will give you tips on things like choosing the right studio, artist and style for you. You can read our expert opinion on products, why they work, what ones to avoid and why.

Sign up to discover facts on things like the history of tattooing and piercing to technical information and advancements in laser removal.

We will give you full on Interviews with international tattoo artists and extreme body modders from around the globe, to quick reads on our Top 5 lists.

News about conventions, in fact anything related to tattoo culture, you'll find it here.

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